How It Works

A Picture

Our site presents you with a square sampled from a region specified by the survey designer. Your task is to help us answer questions about it, such as perhaps its level of cultivation (human interference) or water content.

(Survey designers can choose their questions arbitrarily, and they can specify the region of interest by selecting a known geographic country or continent, or by uploading CSV files of lat/long pairs, or by uploading shapefiles.)

Pan Controls, Zooming, and Layers

To get a better view of the area of the Earth being displayed, you can use pan and zoom controls. You can also pull images from different satellites (changing the base layer) to look at the region through a variety of lenses.

Your Move

At the bottom of the screen, you can choose to answer questions about this region ("I will answer"), or pass and be presented with a brand new region ("Show new map"). Also, if you ever lose track of the red square while doing your panning and zooming, you can click on "Refocus map" to recover the original camera orientation.

Selecting the Best Option

If you clicked on "I will answer", then you will be presented with multiple choice questions designed by the survey maker. After playing with the aformentioned controls, select the best choices that describe the scene strictly inside the red box, and then click "Submit." Or, if you are unsure, you are encouraged to click "I don't know."

Submit and Climb the Leaderboard

Your submissions are tracked and credited toward your score. The more questions you answer, the higher you will climb in the leaderboard, and the greater your chances will be at winning a prize! Your helpful answers will be used to assist agricultural workers and governments with producing more accurate land usage maps, and for training computer vision algorithms to produce more accurate inferences of satellite imagery content.